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CPU is the main part of a desktop computer, and the brain of that CPU is a processor. That’s why it’s important that you pick the right brain for your desktop computer among all the options out there. Here, we will help you to learn about all the basic CPU and processor stuff for making an informed choice when purchasing one. Choosing the Right CPU and Processor At first, decide how you intend to use it, what features are you looking for and how much you are ready to spend. It’s possible to do the same task using a PC that costs 500-1000 KWD that can be done with a PC that costs 2000 KWD or more. However, the difference will be in performance and execution time. For example, when rendering a video, it might take 10 minutes for a PC with less processing power that can be easily done in just 20-50 seconds by a PC with better processing power. Processors with multi-core can perform multiple tasks faster as it can split the task among its cores. Checking the processor’s cache is important as well. The bigger the cache size, the better it will be able to retrieve files stored in processor’s cache. You can take a look at internal hard disk and SSD as well while looking for a CPU. If you already own a motherboard, it’s important to make sure that the processor’s socket is compatible with that existing motherboard. For performing basic tasks at home, checking frequency, socket compatibility and integrated GPU is more than enough. However, if you want a PC for gaming, you should worry about thermal design power and cores as well. Most of the latest CPU are 64-bit supported nowadays. However, do avoid CPUs with 32-bit processors if you get one as an option. Now all you have to do is just start looking for your preferred CPU or processor.
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The CPUs & Processors category on pricena has more than 50 products and 3 brands ,sold by 2 Stores. The prices of CPUs & Processors in Kuwait range from KWD 24 to KWD 2923. The most popular brands are Intel, AMD. You can refine the search results of CPUs & Processors products by using advanced filters by brand, price range, store, Core Processor.. The most popular CPUs & Processors products on pricena are Intel Core i5-8500 8th Gen, Intel Core i5-10400F 10th Generation, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Desktop, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G Cezanne, Intel Core i7 9700KF Coffee
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