Binoculars, Telescopes & Optics

It’s not every day that we buy a telescope or binocular, which is why it’s important to get the right one. To make sure you get to make an informed decision when purchasing one, we will guide you through all the basic stuff that you should know about binoculars, telescopes and optics. Choosing the Right Binocular, Telescope and Optic For enjoying birds or wildlife, you don’t really need a top-notch binocular with high magnification. Just look for a lightweight with better portability option and you are good to go. There are tons of hiking tools and travel bags available nowadays to help you with your portability problem. However, the extra magnification is important when you want to do birdwatching from a considerable distance. Brightness is important in such cases as it’s not possible to identify things from a far without much light. Expensive models should be our only choice in this case as they contain highly engineered glass and sophisticated coatings to increase the brightness. Another thing to consider is size and portability once you are done checking field of view and close focus. Now let’s talk about telescopes which can give you more optical power compared to binoculars. However, you lose portability for this power. For using a telescope, you need a tripod, body and an eyepiece. Some of the popular telescope types that are perfect for beginners are: Dobsonian, Hybrid, Reflector and Refractor. While all of these are perfect for observing night sky, it’s not the same for bird watching. Hybrid and Refractor makes it easy to track movable objects by showing right side up image. Make sure the aperture is wide to get brighter and sharper image. Just keep these things in mind and purchasing the right binocular or telescope won’t be a problem for you anymore.
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