Online Shopping for Chargers in Kuwait
Laptops are getting quite popular nowadays because of its portability and more and more people are switching to laptops from desktop. Using laptops as your main computers is a good idea if you are a frequent traveler. One of the most important accesory of a laptop is its charger . It may become important to either replace your existing laptop power charger or buy an extra one at some point. Here, we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you find the right charger in Kuwait.
Choosing the Right Charger
Before you start thinking about changing your laptop’s charger as it got damaged, check the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes, the manufacturer issues a recall and is willing to replace it for free, you don’t have to look for a new one. However, if they are not, you have to start looking for a new one. The first thing to check when buying chargers in Kuwait is compatibility. Know both the model of your laptop and the brand before looking for a charger. Learning about the physical shape of your existing charger plug is important too.

The next thing to check when buying charger is the wattage it’s providing. Laptops with high end specs require higher wattage comparing to netbooks, tablet and smaller laptops. Choosing a charger with the wrong wattage can damage your laptop so make sure you are choosing the right one. Different brands include different power requirements in their charger. There are three types of connector types when it comes to laptop chargers in Kuwait, cylindrical connectors, snap and lock and molex connector. There are two types of chargers, manufacturer’s charger and universal laptop charger. Manufacturer’s one are expensive but they are considered as the best one. On the other hand, universal chargers are less expensive but may not work with all the laptop models out there.
Comparing Prices
The price of chargers in Kuwait mostly depends on brands, connector type and the type of charger. To help you find the best deal, we offer a way here to compare prices of chargers from multiple stores.

Category details on pricena
The Chargers category on pricena has more than 63 products and 18 brands ,sold by 2 Stores. The prices of Chargers in Kuwait range from KWD 2 to KWD 356814. The most popular brands are Thuraya, Replacement, Apple, Lenovo, Dell. You can refine the search results of Chargers products by using advanced filters by brand, price range, store, .. The most popular Chargers products on pricena are Thuraya XT PRO Dual Satellite, Lenovo Replacement USB Pin AC, Replacement Magsafe 1 Type L, Replacement Samsung PA-1650-02HC 14V 3A, High Quality Replacement Charger 130W
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