Huawei Honor S1 watch

by Huawei
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Review for Huawei Honor S1 watch

Honor which is kind of like a sub-brand under Huawei has officially revealed its first smartwatch titled as the Huawei Honor S1. It’s a simple circular shaped smartwatch that comes with fitness focused features. Not a lot of new smartwatches were released this year and there were rumors about Huawei not planning to release an Android wear based smartwatch and to learn whether this rumor is true or not including the Huawei Honor S1 Kuwait price and specs, keep reading.

1.04-inch LCD Display with 5ATM Waterproofing

As a fitness focused smartwatch, the Honor S1 comes with a small 1.04-inch LCD display. The sleek and sporty design of the watch looks nice and it comes in various color straps including Deep Gray, Navy Blue and Vibrant Huawei Honor S1 watch Price KuwaitOrange. A major feature of this watch is that you can take it with you when swimming as it comes with P68 rating for water resistance. However, if you are looking for some feature rich smartwatches, there is the Samsung Gear S3 or Samsung Gear Fit 2 you can check out. These are more expensive compared to the Huawei Honor S1 watch Kuwait price.

Up to 6 Days of Battery Life

This is where the Honor S1 is different than most of the smartwatches available out there, battery life. According to Huawei, it should last up to 6 days. It will be interesting to see how it works in real life as it includes a small 80mAh battery. Moreover, it also makes your payment system easier with its ALIPay payment system integration. We don’t know what operating system the Honor S1 will be running but it should be Tizen as Huawei is not planning to release any Android Wear based smartwatch this year. There is the Motorola Moto 360 2nd generation or Asus ZenWatch 2 if you are not planning to for something other than Android wear. These are already available which huawei honor s1 watch price Kuwaitmeans no waiting for the Huawei Honor S1 watch release date Kuwait.

A Lot of Fitness Focused Features

The Honor S1 as mentioned earlier is more like e fitness tracker than a smartwatch. It can track when you are cycling, running or walking and sync with your phone’s GPS accordingly. Users will be able to see some additional data like VO2max and maximum oxygen update when using the watch in running mode. All the necessary sensors are there including a 3-axis accelerometer, 6-axis sensor, wear sensor (CAP-Sensor), heart rate monitor and ambient light sensor. This heart rate monitor can monitor your heart rate 24/7 continuously which is a good feature for a fitness watch which is a feature missing in the Honor Band Zero. It can detect if you are inactive for too long and give nudge. Other basic smartwatch features are also there including call and text notifications.

Huawei Honor S1 Watch Kuwait Price

One of the best part of the Huawei Honor S1 watch is its price. If you are eager to wait for the Huawei Honor S1 watch release date Kuwait, you can expect to see this watch in the market for about 0 KWD when it’s here.

Things we loved about the Honor S1 smartwatch:

  • Heart rate monitor which was missing in the Honor Band Zero
  • Good battery life
  • ALIPay payment system integration

Things we didn’t like about the watch:

  • No built-in speaker
  • Small display
  • Not feature rich

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